When You Don’t Know What to Do



When you don’t know what to do….do nothing. Yup. Nothing.  I know that goes against everything our mind is telling us to do.  I know it can almost send you into a panic attack.  How can I do NOTHING?!    There always comes a time in your life when you have to make a big decision.  And you’re scared of making the wrong one.  So you research everything to death, ask friends and family, pray …and you still don’t know.   You’re tried everything and yet you still don’t have the answer.  C’mon Universe!!!  Why aren’t you listening?!

Well, the Universe is listening. It’s listening to your panic and worry and indecision.  You need to get the hell out of the way and let the answer COME to you.  Quit searching for it.   You know when you lose something and you search forever for it, get pissed and eventually give up?  Claim it’s lost forever.  And lo and behold and few days later it shows up.  Probably in a place you would have never thought to find it.  Don’t they say that about love?  It always happens when you’re not looking for it?  It’s because you have no attachment to the outcome.  It’s because you let it COME to you without searching for it.  There’s no desperation in allowing and receiving.

In a world where it’s becoming almost impossible to find quiet. You must.   Become silent.  Ask the Universe ONCE for the answer.  And then that’s it.  You WILL get your answer, if you let it go and stay open to the outcome.  I have found that whatever solution I had made up in my mind, paled in comparison to what I actually got when I was able to follow this simple rule.  I am a total control freak so I know how difficult it is to do.  But I also know it works.  It has worked many times in my life and that’s what I try to remind myself when I’m having a problem letting go.

Now that does not mean you can sit on your ass and do nothing and hope the Universe drops it in your lap. Just step away for a while from trying to find the solution by yourself.   It’s actually a relief knowing that guidance will come.  Keep an open and positive mind.  Do things you love.  That’s when the Universe responds.

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