How to Use Meditation with the Law of Attraction

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The most important aspect about the “Law of Attraction” is your state of mind. If you feel anger, worry, or anxiety you will attract more of that into your life. On the flip side, if you feel happiness, abundance, and success you will attract more of those experiences into your reality.
So, the big “secret” to making the law of attraction work for me has been meditation. You must change your thoughts at the subconscious level in order to manifest positive changes into your life.
It is not always easy. At all. In the beginning, I just had a hard time quieting my mind. That’s the key. We have so many thoughts going in and out of our head every day it’s a challenge sometimes to keep it quiet. But that is exactly why I started studying meditating and found that with the right guided meditations I was able to reach that quiet much faster and stay there. When you quiet your mind, you are clearing your mind from excessive thoughts which helps to release any resistant thoughts that may be holding you back from creating your desires. I use a guided meditation almost every night. I love them! I also use guided meditations when I am attempting to manifest something into my reality. Love, wealth, success…whatever it may be there is a great guided meditation to help you get there!

Dr. Joe Vitale from “The Secret” , who I personally follow, has a great one called Wealth Trigger 360  where he partners with Dr. Steve G. Jones, a world class hypnotherapist, for attracting money and wealth, which let’s be real…we all want that!  And it’s usually the most difficult because people have so many conflicting beliefs about money.  His Awakened Millionaire program goes way deeper than just meditation and actually teaches you more in depth on the power of your mind and trains you for wealth and success.  If you’re a fan of “The Secret”  you’ll need to check this out!

Guided meditations and visualizations help to focus your intention and use the law of attraction in a more powerful way. Let yourself go and see yourself in the scene you want to happen. Stay focused during the meditation. Your mental movie should be as real life as possible, use all your senses. You will get better and better, and it will become more powerful  if you stay consistent and practice every day.

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