About Me

About me…I am currently living in the Pittsburgh, PA area although I am a Michigan girl through and through. That is where I am from and where my family lives.  I get home every chance I can.  I have 2 of the best children I could ever hope for and 2 German shepherds who drive me insane. I am an avid runner, love kids in sports, coaching, 80’s music, and red wine. 🙂 My passion is self-improvement and striving to be your best self mentally and physically.

The idea for a blog came about after my divorce which started out amicably, but didn’t stay that way.   At all.  So, fast forward a couple years and I found myself at a crossroads in my life where I could either throw in the towel or find a better way of dealing with all the shit that was thrown my way. By the way, if, my use of profanity offends you, this will not be the blog for you.  It’s a great stress reliever to throw the F bomb out there every once and awhile and actually just makes things feel better! 🙂   So, prepare yourself, I will swear.

I’ve been told by people close to me this was something I needed to do. I have a degree in Health Science and Nutrition and most of my “careers” have been in that field including cardiac rehab and pharmaceutical/medical sales.  I was also a “stay at home mom” for 11 years so I’ve been there too. I have things to share and hope that maybe I can be of some help if you are going through a time in your life where you need guidance.  I am not going to say “advice” because if there is one thing I’ve learned, nobody really understands.  They mean well, but the decisions you make are the ones you have to live with. They don’t.

So…since I’m not on any drugs or in the fetal position you may be wondering about my “better way” of how I dealt with divorce, unemployment, legal battles, financial uncertainty, an insane ex and his equally bat shit crazy new wife,  being away from my family and losing friends.  God and humor.  And running.  How changing your thoughts really can change your life.  It’s not always possible, sometimes you just have to cry it out and get on with it…and that’s ok. However, at the end of the day, NOBODY can fight your battles.  You have to show up. Period.  I stopped playing the victim and became my own warrior….hence the woman warrior.


So…it’s still an ongoing thing… I still have obstacles I am working on, but maybe we can do it together, and laugh a little on the way.